7 Places You Need To Go

7 Places You Need To Go

Let’s be real.

There are so many career blogs, online courses, books, and resources available that it can be overwhelming to a point that you have no clue even where to begin.

Here’s our advice: Human connection (that is, mentorship and peer-to-peer coaching) is more valuable than any online course or article you will ever read.

A study we conducted in partnership with Barnes & Noble College revealed some shocking results:

  • Only 14% of junior and seniors have completed a career inventory.
  • Only 25% of junior and seniors have worked with their career center.
  • 42.5% of junior and seniors have not even applied for an internship.

Bottom line:
Students are NOT taking advantage of the FREE on-campus resources.

It’s time for change. Take 200% advantage of the resources available on your campus before it is too late. In this week’s episode we recommend 7 on-campus spots to check out.

***Note: There will be variances between colleges and universities for these resources… but for the most part, they are available on every campus!

  1. Your Career Center
    Reason to go: To get both general academic guidance/assistance & specific career advice.
    Q: What do I if it is not helpful for me?
    Communicate. Complaining will only continue a cycle of ineffective services. Use the resources and take the advice that is given to you and if something is missing for you, then you must take accountability and discover it for yourself. Capitalize on your friends resources! Talk to your friends who may be in other colleges that house their own career centers like business school, pharmacy program, engineering. If a different school hosts a career event that seems helpful to you, why not see if you can also attend?
    Other services they offer: Career Placement Services, Career Fairs, Campus Talks
  2. Tutoring/Writing Center
    Reason to go: To surround yourself with people that are motivated and on track to achieve greatness. It is not like high school. Tutoring centers are NOT filled with people that are failing and don’t care about school. It is the opposite! Tutoring centers are packed with the “eager beavers,” a.k.a the ones that are hard-working and hungry for success.
    Other resources are available: peer-essay proofreading, study groups for your classes, speech/oral presentation prep, computer labs, peer-advisors, (sometimes) free printing!
  3. Academic Advising Center
    Reason to go: To build a relationship with a mentor!Not everyone knows this…. Upon entering college, your school basically hands you a mentor. This mentor is called your Academic Advisor. Take advantage of them and meet them as soon as you can! Meet with them at least once a semester. You can work a wide variety of topic with them, such as strengthening your resume, what classes to take to stay on track, mock interviews, time management advice, your career goals… really anything that is on your mind!
  4. Professor Office Hours
    Reason: To connect and build meaningful relationships with faculty.We know this can be intimidating… but attending office hours is an awesome opportunity that you shouldn’t pass by. For larger classes, it is what separates you from the rest of the crowd! Come in with a question from their class/lecture or even a question about their career path. Professors are there to help you achieve your career goals as well!
  5. Alumni Association
    Reason: To expand your network.Alumni Associations are NOT about making money. Here’s one of the best kept secrets: the Alumni Association is a perfect was to make connections with people who have the same shared experience as you. You never know who you might meet… and how powerful that relationship could be down the road!
  6. Campus Health and Counseling Center
    Reason: To take care of your physical and mental well-being.Your health (both physical and mental) comes first! If you aren’t feeling like yourself, take care of yourself and see a health professional. Noticing that something is wrong and taking action is a form of leadership. Be sure to also look out for the well-being of your peers and friends!

  7. Office of Student Activities
    Reason: To meet new people and explore your passion!This should be a pretty obvious one…
    You want to have fun… right? It’s college! The office of student activities is where you will find so many ways to get involved and meet people that are passionate about the same things you are! Do some digging, take a leap of faith, and try something you love!


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