Conducted a global survey of more than 500 CEOs which revealed that talent-related issues is one of the greatest concerns for top business leaders. Across the board, all the countries who responded ranked TALENT—“finding it, growing it, keeping it, and rewarding it”– as one their top five CEO challenges. At the same time, our youth are currently experiencing one of the highest levels of unemployment in history. One in eleven graduates are leaving school without a job, often averaging around six months of unemployment before landing their first job.

Here is the strange disconnect. In an economy with an overflowing number of educated graduates eager to enter the working world, companies are expressing their concern about finding talent and retaining it. With such a huge pool of candidates to choose from, are the graduates simply not “talented” enough for these companies…your company? And for those talented Millennials that do wind up in these large companies, why are they leaving after only a year or two?

think of me as your Millennial Matchmaker

Connecting the talent in the millennial generation to your organization and keeping them there for the long haul. Companies are defining “talent” differently from what is being produced from the Millennial generation. Companies will continue to hit a talent block until they recognize that Millennials possess an entirely different, but just as valuable, set of essential skills. Once this fact is accepted and an environment is created to foster this talent, Millennials and corporate America will be able to mutually promote each other’s growth and success.

Bottom-line: YOU (Businesses today) NEED THEM and whether you like ‘em right now or they get on your nerves – THEY WILL BE RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS… so now is the time to get them onboard, engage them in your mission, involve them as you shape your future business strategies

how to get your company millennial ready