The Opportunistic Mindset feat. Michael Radparvar of Holstee

The Opportunistic Mindset feat. Michael Radparvar of Holstee

Meet Michael Radparvar


Michael is the co-founder at Holstee, where he is responsible for letting the world know about Holstee and the brand story. Holstee as a company that started about 6 year ago, and got it’s name from the first product they ever made– a holster pocketed t-shirt. Today, their mission is to help people live a reflective and intentional life, and they do this by creating art that inspires reflection and words that encourage action. Holstee believes that change comes from within. It is the idea that in order bring change to the world, we need to first understand and appreciate who we are and what we value.

During this podcast episode you will learn:

  • The story behind Holstee and it’s famous Manifesto
  • Why you should have an Opportunistic Mindset
  • Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

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#Passion2Action ACTION ITEM: Create Your Vision Board

Inspired by the creation of Holstee’s Manifesto, we want you to create your own vision board!  Grab some old magazine, get some paper, glue, tape, scissors, and get to work! Put only words and images that best represent your purpose, your ideal future, and words that inspire positive emotions in you. The purpose of a vision board is to bring everything on it to life. Visualizing is one of the most power mind exercises that you can do in order to achieve your goals. Once it’s complete… hang it up in a place that you will see it every day. Take a picture and upload to social media platform of your choice and us the #Passion2Action.

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