What Leadership Is NOT

What Leadership Is NOT

When you hear the word leadership, what do you think of? What kind of leadership experience do you have? Who is a leader that you respect? Are you a leader?

Leadership is often a term that intimidates millennials. So you weren’t the President of the National Honors Society in high school… So what? You didn’t hold any leadership positions for student groups in college… Who cares? The fact of the matter is that LEADERSHIP is NOT what many people think it means…

Leadership does NOT mean you need to be in charge of people.

The most common traits of successful leaders include patience, expressiveness, intuition, flexibility, and empathy. Leadership can be exuded in how you carry yourself. Lead by example.

Leadership is NEVER given to you.

Leadership is earned. Michael Jordan said, “Earn your leadership everyday.” A leadership title means nothing if you don’t have to respect from the people you are leading. Work hard, stay humble.

Leadership is NOT about charisma.

To have a compelling attractiveness or charm helps, but it does not necessarily make you a great leader. Being a great leader is about the execution of your actions. Through your actions, you can convince people to join you in your effort.

Leadership is NOT about having great ideas.

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. Great leaders listen closely to the people around them and create a plan of attack. Leaders are able to mobilize people, delegate responsibilities, and make great ideas become reality.